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UU2014-803791Documento means ‘I Document’ and is reference to Paul Marshall’s mission to document artwork and events.

Paul is a trained studio photographer and is an award winning Fine Art photographer. Paul received an MFA in Fine Art with distinction from the Belfast School of Art.

cat-window-1Paul uses his technical and artistic palette to provide documentation services of various styles and intentions.

Strict Documentation – no artistic intention, just a clear record of an object or situation: Historical record, auction catalogues, grant and award applications

Artistic Documentation – Enhanced presentation of  art for use in advertising, catalogues and websites.

Event Documentation – Output depends on each event, this may involve the use of additional photographers / videographers.

Paul uses a range of professional equipment. All equipment is colour calibrated.


  • Hi-Resolution, colour accurate photography
    • 7k raw images – 36mp digital camera with professional lenses
    • Hasselblad Medium Format film Cameras
  • High Definition video documentation
    • 1080p HD – Some UHD 4k capacity
  • Multiple Go-Pro sports cameras
    • inc 1080p @ 120fps & 4k @ 30fps


Epson R3000 archive quality pigment printer sizes up to A3+


Paul has a professional digital darkroom based on a 27″ iMac 5k running licensed copies of Lightroom and Final Cut Pro

Paul is experienced in the darkroom and on request, can hand print images using traditional wet chemistry techniques.