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Fine Art Photography

John RobinsonMazChinese Wind Gong - Studio-Litgongs on filmAnklung - Indonesian Tuned Percussion - full Studio ShootBonangs from the Open Arts GamelanTuned Gongs from the Open Arts Gamelan
Fine Art Photography expresses the creative vision of the photographic artist to bring out the qualities of the work being photographed. Whereas documentary photography simply records the existence of the work, a Fine Art approach uses lighting and and techniques that emphasise the unique qualities of the work and offer unparalleled impact . Fine Art images are post-processed to exhibition quality standards using a colour-managed system. I supply you with High Resolution 300dpi images designed for printing as well as smaller 72dpi web-sized images for use on websites

Prints I personally print-manage exhibition standard, archive quality prints up to A3+ on my own in-house equipment, I use pigment inks for long life and colour accuracy. Professional Printing – If I cannot make prints of the kind you wish, I most highly recommend Ormeau Road’s John Rush as a local independent service for top drawer prints and quality control.  rush-digital-printing.com/