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Paul is an award winning video artist. Video has been a part of his artistic practice for 20 years but moreso recently as it was developed in the MFA as a core practice medium.

Contemporary art works with a performative or time-based component are virtually impossible to capture, but with video adding a time dimension to documentation, the dynamic of the work as it unfolds can be retained.

The medium is in increasing demand not just as a documentation and capture format but also as a strategic tool for artists, businesses and corporate users to creatively deliver their message directly into the devices in our pockets.

Commissioned Work

Belfast School Of Art – End of Year Mashup 2015

Fashion Show

Ulster University Fashion Show 2015 (full version) – St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast – 1hr 20m

Ulster University Fashion Show 2014 – T13 – (short version)

Sizzle Reels

Short impactful videos with the client’s message