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Licensing & Copyright

Private Individual Licensing

When you sign an individual Image Release and give your permission for Paul Marshall/Documento to take your photograph, the release also sets out the image license conditions. These basically permit you, the private individual, to do whatever you want with the images except re-license them to a 3rd party.

The key phrases are

  • Royalty-Free – Once the shoot is paid for, you will not have to pay again to use the images
  • All-Use – You can use the images for your own benefit as you like
  • Non-transferrable – Only the copyright holder (Photographer) may issue licenses – you may not issue a sub-license to a third party
  • Non-exclusive – the photographer may also use the images. e.g. as examples of his work or to create other work
    • If your images are shown we credit the artist and will be happy to include a link to your facebook / website

Corporate Licensing

Companies and galleries use Documento to take shots that may be used across a local or national media campaign to entice customers and to promote their services. This commercial use is beyond that normally required by the individual Artist practitioner.

We invite Galleries and corporations to inquire about our pricing arrangements for corporate shoots and licensing for various media.


UK law is very clear regarding ownership of photographic images – By default, the owner of the copyright in the photograph is the photographer – Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Image Release

This is an example of a release signed by both the photographer and you  – your release may vary slightly. The language is very legalistic but essentially it gives permission for the shoot, outlines the benefits/restrictions to all parties and provides both you and the photographer with legal clarity about image rights & restrictions.

I the undersigned agree that I will receive High Resolution (300 dpi) Digital Images with a Non-Transferrable, Non-Exclusive, Royalty-Free license for Any Beneficial Use.  I hereby grant the undersigned Photographer Paul Marshall (“The Photographer”) permission to photograph me or artworks owned by me or made available to me.  I further give my consent to The Photographer and his/her direct or indirect licensees and assignees to publish, the images of my art in any medium including those not yet created,  for all purposes. I understand that the images may be altered or modified in any manner.  I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect and approve a finished product or the copy that may be used in connection with an image that the Photographer has taken of me, or the use to which it may be applied.  I further release the Photographer and his/her direct or indirect licensees and assignees, from any claims for remuneration associated with any form of damage, foreseen or unforeseen, associated with the use of the images.